Introduction to Slots

Slot machines are one of the most tried and true ways to win it big at an online casino with the single push of a button. Unlike for example blackjack or roulette where you need to go on a hot streak or bet big to build up your bankroll, slot jackpots can be legitimately won with a minimum stake.

Slots also do not require a whole lot of strategy to play. Spinning the wheels can be a cathartic experience and with online casinos, you can bet from the comfort of your home on a Mac or PC so you don’t have to dodge real world crowds – of course, you would have to hire your own cocktail waitress. With mobile betting, slots can be played on the go and jackpots can be hit on your morning commute to work or while in the waiting room at a doctor’s office for example.

Before you win big at online slots, it’s important to know a bit about the game’s first. This introduction to slots will have you covered in the basics of these exciting games.

How Are Slots Played?

One of the great things about slots is that they involve minimal brainpower. It can be very relaxing just to sit back and watch the reels spin. In fact, the only real thing a player needs to do on slots is deposit money and then tap the spin button. There are some choices to make about how much to wager of course and obviously the more you bet – the higher the corresponding payout will be.

Games within a slot also fall into two major categories. There are line games which are your traditional spinning reels. When specific symbols on the reels line up it affects the corresponding payout. The other main gaming option is video poker. Players are rewarded usually if they can draw a hand of Jacks or better while getting a royal flush can often lead to progressive jackpot wins.

Trying to Get Into the Slots Bonus

One thing you’ll learn in an introduction to slots is that the real action begins when you get into the bonus games. Bonus games are your best ways to win big but not only that they usually feature animations and extra features that make them more fun to play. A bonus is usually triggered when lining up 3 or more special symbols. Rewards can range anywhere from free spins to stacked symbols that appear more frequently and thus equal bigger payouts.

Mobile Online Slots

One of the great things about wagering in the information age is that slots can be played directly from your mobile device. Smartphones and tablets can offer the excitement of slots while you’re on the go. The gameplay is a reminder of the handheld pocket casino games from 10-15 years ago – except now you can win real money.

In an introduction to slots, you’ll notice they’re simple, yet exciting. They are a game you can play for a quick 20-minute break or in a 3-4 hour session and still enjoy both.