Casino Games

One of the biggest attractions of gambling is the rush of winning – that obviously goes without saying. Going beyond that, however, one of the major things that attract people to an online wagering parlour is having a variety of gaming options at their disposal. This is where online casinos are superior in every way – if you’re not having luck with the slots you can move to the table games with a single click of the button or swipe of the finger.

Of course, in order to be successful at this variety of wagering options, it’s important to first have an introduction to casino games to get yourself familiarised with the choices at hand.


Slots are one of the easiest games to learn in regards to online casinos. Really all that you need to do is deposit money and hit the spin button and the casino platform does the rest. As spinning reels line up it affects the corresponding payout. Getting into the bonus feature on slot line games offers an exciting experience or you can try for a royal flush jackpot in video poker.

Table Games

The table games at an online casino include many of the old classics. For many players, it’s the most enjoyable experience of betting online when you can play Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, etc. in the comfort of your own home. Of course, table games require more strategy and an in-depth knowledge of the games before any serious winning can be expected. Make sure to read our introduction to casino games on blackjack, roulette, etc. and don’t forget about the option of playing for free in order to familiarise yourself with the gameplay.


Online poker has waned a bit since its inception but that just means a less flooded market and possibly more opportunities to win big because of the relative lack of competition.

Sports Betting

The sports betting options at online casinos have gone global as most quality books nowadays offer lines from every active game from around the world. Sports betting is very appealing because you really get your money’s worth – a single bet can last 2-3 hours of the course of a game. Of course on demand wagering has also become very popular and live betting offers the ability to make wagers at any point in a game.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is the timeless classic that is now available on most online casinos instead of just OTB parlours. Wagers are taken on horse races from around the world and in many cases betting can be done 24/7 for a live race in any time zone.

Lotteries and Other Miscellaneous Bets

Another popular betting option at most online casinos is the number picking that is known as keno, lotteries, etc. There are also scratch offs and dozens upon dozens of other wagering options available to bettors today.